Testimonials: Spring Street Martial arts 

"I have trained at several Korean martial arts schools and Spring Street Martial Arts is the most well rounded and rigorous of them all. Plenty of classes for beginners/advanced students and for children/adults allows my whole family to get the training we need and still get to work out together.  Teachers are patient and friendly but always keep  it challenging. It keeps me in great shape, develops self discipline and self defense in my kids and is a lot of fun! I whole-heartedly recommend it!"

James B, Berwyn

"A great family owned business! The entire staff at Spring Street really care about each and every one of the kids. They are dedicated to teaching and helping their students develop and advance not only as martial artists but also as respectful human beings."

Tina W, Berwyn

"Being a 40+ year old full time working mother, I was a little intimidated to try Tae Kwon Do with the rest of my family.  I have found everyone to be very open and friendly.  The training has been fantastic and it is something that I really enjoy doing."

Van H, Berwyn

“Training in Korean Martial Arts at Spring Street Martial Arts has dramatically increased the quality of my life. Since starting my training, I have dropped 20-25lbs. and my cholesterol has gone from 239 down to 117. Training at Spring Street gives me the support I need to maintain a healthier lifestyle. The combination of aerobic and interval training, combined with core strength-building and flexibility is the perfect mix for me. The classes are always challenging…both physically and mentally, and I feel that our training crosses over to my professional and personal life outside the do jang. I encourage anyone I speak with to consider training at Spring Street Martial Arts without reservation.”

Richard T, Paoli