ProgrAMS-Martial Arts in Paoli

Adult Taekwondo/Tang soo do/Karate

Our adult classes combine a unique mix of traditional martial arts training with the incorporation of modern exercise science and modalities for our martial arts classes. Focus of training is on self defense, sparring, traditional forms, target striking, partner drilling and overall health/fitness. At SSMA you will learn a complete striking martial art that is useful for self defense and combat sports. The best martial arts in Paoli.

  • Offered Monday-Saturday

  • Classes are divided into 2 groups: ALL levels and Black Belt

  • Family classes are also offered to adults all levels

  • Adult class is for 14+ with some exceptions

children's taekwondo/Tang Soo Do/Karate

At SSMA we truly believe we have the best children's program around. The curriculum is not watered down and the training is almost identical to the adult program, creating an easy transition from children's class to adult class at the age of 14. We put a large emphasis on discipline, self control and instilling a passion for fitness at a young age, and this translates into everyday life. Children will experience the same training as adults with the addition of some fun and games when appropriate and earned. Great martial arts for kids.

  • Children’s Taekwondo classes are offered Monday-Saturday

  • Classes are divided into 3 groups:

                             beginner, advanced, and ALL levels

  • SSMA instructors have extensive experience teaching a comprehensive martial arts curriculum to children

  • Family classes are also available for all levels all ages.

  • Ages 4-13


Monday & Wednesday 8-9pm; Saturday 12-1pm; Wednesday sparring 7-8pm



We specialize in developing striking technique for full contact competition as well as self defense. In a Spring Street Kickboxing class you will develop proper technique and conditioning for competitive martial arts whether you are looking to compete in Kickboxing/Muay Thai or develop your striking for Mixed Martial Arts. We combine different techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai and Boxing to create a very athletic and dynamic striking system. This program is for anyone who wants to train hard and learn techniques used in full contact martial arts, competing is optional.

Current Class Times:

Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-9pm


Want to get the workout in but not all of the contact? Our fitness kickboxing classes focus on the conditioning needed to compete in martial arts or to improve your everyday life. The combination of heavy bag work, technical drilling and circuit training provides an excellent workout to get in the best shape of your life. Learn all the techniques without the sparring, and who knows you may want to spar one day.

Current Class Times:

Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am-10:30am

Saturday 9am-10am​